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  • An initial assessment call with one of team members to evaluate your medical needs.
  • A customized plan to match the goals we’ve assessed with you.

Choose A Program To Fit Your Health Needs

The Platinum Program

The Platinum Program is a perfect fit if you’re: 

  • Goal focused & serious
  • Ready to commit 100% to getting in shape
  • Unsure of exactly what you need to do to improve your health
  • Afraid of possibly injuring yourself during exercise
  • Ready to invest time & money, but aren’t sure where to begin

Your transformational monthly investment of $999 includes:

  • A Comprehensive Physical Assessment via Zoom Conducted by Dr. Brisby
  • 4 (60 Minute) Individual Telehealth Coaching Call With Dr. Brisby to Set Your Monthly Goals
  • 4 (30 Minute) Individual Check-In Calls Each Week With A Certified Trainer on the Team to Maintain Your Momentum & Stay On Course
  • Safe & Effective Personalized Fitness Routines

About Your Comprehensive Physical Assessment:

Your assessment will include a complete medical & exercise history, movement analysis and dietary habits. This assessment is instrumental in Dr. Brisby’s development of your fitness routine and wellness plan.

During your assessment over Zoom, Dr. Brisby will:

  • Review Your Personal Health and Wellness Goals
  • Assess Motivational Drivers and Obstacles
  • Discuss Dietary Habits and Common Pitfalls
  • Understand Injuries and/or Physical Challenges
  • Determine Your Ideal Program For Success

After your full assessment, Dr Brisby will design a personalized exercise program to learn functional exercise movement patterns. Exercises will then be prescribed, and available to view, that incorporate these movements to meet your goals and within safe parameters based upon your medical history.

Exercises will always incorporate neuromuscular training and core stability exercises. Additional exercises will be prescribed based upon goals and medical history.

About Your 30 Minute Weekly Check-In & Bonus Calls:

In your weekly call, we will do a check in to assess what your needs are for the week. For example, if you are in pain or have a current injury this will be addressed first.

Then you’ll be given step-by-step exercises for the week to practice on your own. These exercises will also be found in the online video library to go back into as a reference.

These weekly 1 hour sessions with Dr. Brisby are for you to discuss/review exercises, medical consultation, nutrition issues and anything else as it relates to your success in health and fitness.

As a bonus, you’ll also get a weekly 30 minute break out call with a member of Dr. Brisby’s Team to answer questions and to clarify technique or form. 

Throughout the month you may email any questions or concerns that arise.

The Gold Program

The Gold Program is for you if you’d like: 

  • Accountability For Your Health Goals
  • Safe, Professional Resources For Those Already Committed To Exercising & Healthy Nutrition
  • Personalized Wellness & Exercise Plans
  • A Sustainable Way To Stay in Optimum Health

This option includes everything in the Platinum Program, only with fewer coaching calls. The Gold Program is a wonderful transition for anyone who has participated in the Platinum Program for 6-12 Months.

Your transformational monthly investment of $599 includes:

  • A Comprehensive Physical Assessment via Zoom Conducted by Dr. Brisby
  • 2 (60 Minute) Individual Telehealth Coaching Call With Dr. Brisby to Set Your Monthly Goals
  • 2 (30 min) break out sessions with a Master Trainer on Dr. Brisby’s Team
  • Safe & Effective Personalized Fitness Routines

Limited Private Consultations with Dr. Brisby

Dr. Brisby has limited spots available outside of his ongoing monthly wellness programs, so please book well in advance. 

When you meet with Dr. Brisby, he will provide a complete assessment including your health history, movement analysis and dietary habits. He will develop your customized fitness routine and wellness plan based on your individual needs.

1 Hour Consultation: $250 

30 Minute Consultation: $125


  • “Dr. Brisby has been a valued partner in my recovery.  Dr. Brisby has a unique combination of true medical expertise and therapeutic training techniques that delivers results.  After a year of working with Dr. Brisby, my pain level is now manageable, my level of activity has increased, and my quality of life has improved.  Thank you Dr. Brisby and TEAM!”

  • “Hard to believe that it has been 20 years since a friend recommended Mark Brisby to me for my bad back, then knee rehab and golf elbow.  Mark has not only accelerated my recovery but managed to get the 245lbs retired couch potato working out and now, I'm at 195lbs and life is infinitely better.  Five stars would not be enough.”