Dr. Mark BrisbyDC-Chiropractor, ATC

    I am Dr. Mark Brisby, I am soon to be 60 years old. I have always been an athlete and I pursued a career that allowed me to work with athletes. As I aged my clientele aged as well. My patients and clients were once primarily young and competitive and now my main demographic is 45 plus. I use to rehabilitate sprained ankles and knees now I rehab replaced knees and hips.My baby boomer clientele now have goals of a healthy productive and injury free life.

    In 1980 I began my sports medicine career as trainer with the UCLA Sports Department. After graduating with degrees in Kinesiology and a Doctorate in Chiropractics in 1987 I opened my Sports Medicine practice in Santa Barbara California. I have literally worked with well over 50 thousand patients. As I have aged my clientele has aged with me. I have learned from my experience from this vast number of patients that as we age our choice of exercise needs to change with us. No longer can we just train the muscular system but we must train the nervous system as well. Exercise must include: neuromuscular training, core stabilizing exercise, balance training, avoidance of low back compression and shoulder impingement. Let me help you enjoy the second half of your life. Let me be  your coach.